Nigeria Agricultural Project

The aim of this agricultural project, launched in 2017, is to improve the socioeconomic situation of low income families and the productivity of the smallest and smaller agricultural enterprises in Nigeria.

In the project, young employees in agriculture, as well as their financial service providers, are to be assisted. This development of training and further training systems aims at increasing local values, so that managerial staff, who often move away to the country’s cities, see an economic perspective in rural areas. It is also intended, to increase enterprise efficiency, in order to be able, to invest and create jobs, thanks to financial capacity and lower loan interest rates.

Specifically, the project beneficiary groups, among them around 30,000 small farmers, as well as employees of the microfinance banks and agricultural partner enterprises, will undergo training and new (dual) vocations will be introduced for initially 100 trainees. On a 12-month dual training course (modelled on the German system), trainees can qualify as ‘agricultural quality technicians’ or ‘livestock farming technicians’.

Partners in Nigeria include AHK Nigeria, the four microfinance banks LAPO, Accion, Fortis and Avans/Lafayette, TGI Holding and a further four Nigerian agricultural corporations.

AFOS Foundation’s experience in the Nigerian microfinance sector and in dual vocational training projects in the Philippines enable the transfer of know-how and promise successful interworking and cooperation between the various local project partners.


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