OURFood Project

All about the project: The “OURFood Chronicles” online.

Official end of the project

After seven years of very successful collaboration of AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation with Filipino Chambers of Commerce & Industry in the central Visayas region, supported by the Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, sequa gGmbH, BKU e. V.and many other partners, the OURFood Project was officially closed on 30th September 2018. AFOS Foundation staff are very proud of the many positive results, this vocational training partnership project has achieved.

With the objective of implementing and improving qualification programs, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the regional agro industry, 12 agricultural associations, involved in the project, have obtained certifications of their „good agricultural practices“ (GAP) – three of those have even reached ‘organic standards’. In the project regions on the islands Negros and Cebu, a total of 1,365 small farmers have been trained in organic and sustainable agricultural techniques, 285 farmers have been taught basics of business administration. Moreover, the organic focus of the farmers‘ associations permitted improving the access to the market insofar, as more than 20 products have been produced, complying with market requirements and product standards;  also, the members of the farmers’ associations have gained access to six new markets for their products.

In the course of the project, not only the competitiveness of the individual small agro enterprises was improved, also a positive influence on the development of the local and regional food industry sector can be observed: project chambers of commerce or business associations, which have incorporated services like GAP training and consultation in their regular portfolios, have linked themselves in different communities with local government units, in order to implement measures, to sensitize consumers on food quality and food safety.

The official end of the OURFood project means in no way the end of a highly successful project:  the environmentally friendly and healthy practices, which have been acquired during the OURFood program, are already employed by 75 per cent of the project farmers. Moreover, media multiplyers are sensitizing ‘non-project farmers’ on food safety and quality standards, thus passing on their know how.

Sustainability guaranteed!

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