The AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation is guided by Christian social ethics.

From this arises the concept of

  1. a social structure, guided by the principle of subsidiarity
  2. a just and effective economic system, aimed at benefiting people and their dignity, and
  3. the commitment, based on the solidarity principle, to supporting the poor, irrespective of borders, in accordance with the principle of “helping people to help themselves”

AFOS Foundation is open to all those, who acknowledge these principles and it welcomes and seeks the assistance of those, who put the dignity of Man and the self-help oriented eradication of poverty at the centre of their development efforts.

Beneath the manifold breakdown of state structures in developing and transition countries, AFOS Foundation strive to assist entrepreneurial activities locally and so, awaken the forces inherent in people everywhere.

The Foundation aim at enabling people, to share in the productivity models developed in the “West” and so qualify them, to generate their own profits. That helps those affected and their families, creates incomes, growth and jobs, provides access to education and training, and teaches people, to treat employees and associates, capital and tools responsibly.

AFOS Foundation aim at combatting the causes of flight by means of economic development cooperation to “help people to help themselves”.


Help us help them!

From an entrepreneurial point of view, these countries lack in particular civil society structures of enterprises and a competitive financial system for the informal economy, that also offers the poor and the poorest of the poor access to savings facilities and microloans. What is therefore needed, is instruction and advisory support on business and technical matters, support for the development of a functioning microfinance system, and of associational structures for business people, in order to help create a healthy civil society.

AFOS Foundation aim at helping create the necessary preconditions for these objectives. It aims at furthering local initiatives and gaining local partners to do alike. It does this by providing capital, as well as consulting and training services, such as cooperation with suitable organisa-tions in Europe and the partner countries of the South and East.

AFOS Foundation will be active in the target countries without distinction of nationality, origin, tribal allegiance, religion, denomination, or gender.



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