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K to 12 PLUS Project


Food Manufacturing 1

When I finish the program, I will receive four (4) certificates. These are: Food Processing NC I, Food Processing NC II, Cookery NC II and Bread & Pastry NC II. These certifications will help me boost my qualifications when I apply for a job in the future.

DARREN NIŇO A. DAVIS, Pilot Student (Food Mfg.)
Cebu City, Philippines

Food Manufacturing 2

I have five children and Davis is among them. The elder two have already graduated. I have high hopes that he will complete his senior high school being one of the pilot students of the K to 12 Plus Project and immediately land a job.

JULIO DAVIS, Father of Darren Niño Davis
Cebu City, Philippines

Food Manufacturing 3

I am very grateful to be part of this project. I didn’t expect that I can still go back to school because of the hard financial times that my family is currently facing.

Our tech-voc training excites me a lot. We are able to prepare different types of dishes and have a deeper understanding on how the art of cooking works. Part of our training is also how to budget the amount given to us in order to buy all the needed ingredients that will be cooked in the class which is very helpful in the future when we opt to do business in cooking.

SWEET JENNIZA M. ARDINES, Pilot Student (Food Mfg.)
Cebu City, Philippines

Food Manufacturing 4

As parents, we are thankful that our daughter is among the chosen students for the Food Manufacturing Cluster of the K to 12 Plus Project. For us, this will serve as a stepping stone for our daughter to land for a better job.

Parents of Sweet Jenniza Ardines
Cebu City, Philippines


Construction 1

In the K to 12 Plus pilot class, I learned about the fabrication of slabs and beams and how to form columns at SKILLS, the technical-vocational institution (TVI) where we were trained.  After our theoretical training, we were immersed in a construction site, where we applied what we learned in the TVI to further develop our skills.

Pilot Student in Construction
Cebu City, Philippines

Construction 2

First of all, I am thankful that Jonas was selected to join the K to 12 Plus Project. He learned about how to make a house (Basic of Carpentry). This has helped too because he was not able to graduate from a regular high school. With God’s grace I hope that we can have our own house in the future.

Mother of Jonas Herbito – Pilot Student in Construction

Construction 3

Right now I am 33 years old, I have learned different jobs before but I was not able to encounter building a house and also about carpentry.  I learned a lot of things in my training like measuring, laying out, column and beam frame fabrication and others as well as strengthening the house. I wanted to finish the program so that I can help my family.

Pilot Students in Construction
Cebu City, Philippines


Tourism 1

I am very happy for the chance to be part of the k-12plus project, “In our industry immersion I was assigned in garnishing. We had a big responsibility because we have to make sure our costing for the ingredients is correct and the company won’t incur loss. Also, we had to make sure we displayed the appropriate sidings for the right dish. I also learned patience, love for your work and offer to God your work.” After my training I hope to get a job which can help me and my family to live more sustainable and with a better future perspective.

JENNIFER RENTUCAN, Grade 12 Student, Banilad Center for Professional Development

Tourism 2

I always pray to God that my daughter will graduate from the k-12plus project and that she can find a job and help her sister and family. I am very happy that she has become a scholar with BCPD, a vocational school and partner in the Vocational Training project with AFOs foundation. With the training and lessons they have, including the practical training in the industry, I believe she can achieve her dreams.

MARCELINA RENTUCAN, mother of Jennifer Rentucan

Tourism 3

Based in our Food and Beverage Class and during our immersion, I have learned that even at the start of the table setting, you should already smile, always to have patience with guests and not let your emotion get the better of you. There will always be customers who are strict, be patient with them, serve them well.” I enjoy my training, especially the exposure to the real world of work, I like to work directly with customers. After my training I would like to work in a hotel or restaurant. I will work hard for my dream of being a manager in the tourism sector one day.

NINA MAE TANCHAVEZ, (center table) Grade 12 student of Banilad Center for Professional Development

Tourism 4

As a mother I support my daughter, though very little financial support is possible from the side of our family. The little that I can give to her may help her to complete the Vodational Training course as a Hotel and Restaurant professional. But most of all I give my moral support as a mother. I really want her to finish this course , and hopefully she will find good work. I wish for her really to be successful in the training that she is getting I believe she can be.” Hopefull she will have the chance to live a better life without financial troubles and a job which makes her happy.

LOLITA TRANCHAVEZ, mother of Nina Mae

OURFood Project


Stella Sayson

Die Einführung der GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) hat meiner Familie viele Vorteile gebracht. Durch das Beibringen des GAP Systems für Farm Management und Gesundheit können wir nun gute und hochwertige Nahrung essen. Mit dem besseren Farming System und Management weiß ich jetzt, was die Risiken und die Vorteile sind oder die Dinge, die man bedenken muss.

STELLA SAYSON, Negros Occidental

 Estrella Pelomeo

Als ich angefangen habe, GAP zu praktizieren, gab es wirklich große Verbesserungen im Management meiner Farm, aufgrund der Standards, denen wir folgen. Vorher haben wir unsere Produkte nur an lokalen Märkten verkauft und die Preise waren nicht festgesetzt, da wir uns nach den Preisen des Käufers gerichtet haben. Aber jetzt gibt es einen großen Unterschied, weil nun wir diejenigen sind, die die Preise für unsere Produkte bestimmen; das gibt uns die Möglichkeit, vernünftige Preise festzusetzen. Die wichtigsten Vorteile, die ich durch dieses Programm erhalten habe, sind die Sicherheit, dass die Nahrungsmittel, die wir essen, sicher sind, der Anstieg des Einkommens und außerdem zusätzliche Farming-Skills.

ANDREW and ESTRELLA PELOMEO, Negros Occidental

Merco Obas

Die Einführung von GAP auf unserer Farm ist wirklich eine große Hilfe, denn wir haben ein GAP Zertifikat erhalten, das uns dazu befähigt, unseren Markt zu erweitern, sodass wir unsere Produkte nun an große Institutionen wie SM, Savemore, Shiloh und ANP verkaufen. Mit GAP haben wir jetzt Anpflanzungskalender, die auf die Erfordernisse des Marktes ausgerichtet sind und durch die wir anbieten können, worin auch immer gerade Nachfrage besteht.

MERCO OBAS, Negros Occidental

Manolo LanzaderasBevor ich GAP praktiziert habe, beobachtete ich, dass der Boden meiner Farm begann, durch Erosion abgetragen zu werden. Aber jetzt, nachdem ich GAP Trainings besucht habe, habe ich die großen Verbesserungen bemerkt aufgrund des eingeführten Farming Systems. Die wichtigsten Vorteile sind für mich: Die verbesserte Lage der Umwelt, die Gesundheit meiner Familie, der Nachbarn und der Kommunität, da wir gerade richtige Müllentsorgung einführen. Und wir haben Kosten reduziert, da wir gute landwirtschaftliche Praktiken eingesetzt haben.

MANOLO LANZADERAAS, Mantalongon, Dalaguete


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