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Akoyere Jeremiah (ALES)


(…) Thank you for the knowledge impacted and recommendations for effective Agricultural Finance, at the just concluded seminar. It was obviously an eye opener for me, considering the fact that, I now better understand what really Agricultural finance is, who my customers are, the products that meets their needs and how we can better improve on our services at Fortis MFB plc.

(…) I believe a critical look at ALES in addition to other tools you provided at the training will enable us adopt a robust system that fits into our mode of operations, specifically with regards Data capturing, retention and credit history. (…)

Akoyere Jeremiah
Business Development Finance (Agriculture)

Simon Eromosele (HASAL Bank)


(…) I have been opportuned to attend a very good number of agriculture related trainings/seminars/workshops and I will like to note with all sense of modesty, that this has so far been the most productive and specifically hands-on training with regards to practical agricultural financing. Dr. Marx has exhibited very practical knowledge of the subject matter with loads of real-life personal experience, deep knowledge of the Nigerian situation, the regulatory environment surrounding MFBs and very blunt but accurate recommendations to MFBs financing Agriculture based on verifiable facts and figures from so many years of practical experience in this field.

This training has so far been custom suited to my specific training expectation to learn new strategies to help our Bank re-work our approach to Agricultural lending.

I am very impressed with this training and I look forward with anticipation to learn more in the rest of the training. I hope AFOS will create more opportunities in future for MFBs to take advantage of Mr. Marx’s vast experience in Agricultural Financing.
Thank you. (…)

Simon Eromosele
Hasal Bank

Ekwenuke Ayobam

The Success Story on Direct Impact of the Capacity Development (AFOS Training) Programme on Me, my team and Accion MfB Customers

I am highly delighted to be one of the beneficiaries of this great informative, educative and inspiring training. I appreciate the Management of both Accion and AFOS for this rare privilege. The training has been so insightful and developmental in my personal life, my customers, my team and the organization as a whole with details below;

Currently I have being able to properly ascertain my skills and strengths, and strategically plan job role to achieve desirable and timely result, the skills and competency  allows me to take stock of the skills lying in team members. This is especially important because the right person is deployed within the team to do the right role and team productivity is increased. Also there is a better alignment between a team members interests and his job role then job satisfaction is increased

In addition to Construct and deliver presentations that incorporate the appropriate use of content, organization language, vocal rate, eye contact, appearance and time constraints. Being able to assess and articulate appropriate listening responses for variety of situation and customers complaints, demonstrating that you value customer’s opinions and further ask questions and information in a helping context.

Also Team members’ assessments give me deep insights about them, their developmental needs, career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, abilities, likes and dislikes. It is easier therefore to determine what motivates team and this helps a lot to get team members commitments. Better understanding of the difference between groups and team and when each is more appropriate for function.

Furthermore, been able to develop effective project execution and control techniques that result in successful projects through project planning activities that accurately forecast project costs, time line and quality. Implementing process for successful resources, communication, risk and change management.

Lastly, aligning my goals with Corporate Strategy not only clarifies my job roles as individual but also demonstrates ongoing value of our   organization, through increase commitment to excellent customer satisfaction and for our organization to achieve higher levels of growth.

Ekwenuke Ayobami
HBO Oyingbo


My Testimony, My Story & My Journey with Accion MFB since October, 2009

My name is Mehetable E. Adzape the CEO of Miracles Total Beauty Concepts with my husband as the Chairman.

I started the business on the 26th August, 2006.
In 2009, I moved into a two bedroom flat at, No 407 Iju road, my business then needed funding to stock up with products but I could not raise the Cash.
So, I came in contact with a beneficiary who introduced me to the Bank’s Officer Mr.Wale Adeniji now the Manager of Anthony Branch.
After following the due process,#80,000 was approved as my first facility in October,20th 2009.
Since then, I have benefited 12 times and have even graduated into SME loans worth #2,500,000 in 2016. Now:

*The simple buying and selling business has become a registered enterprise.

* The company is now being housed in a 9 rooms Warehouse,

*The company has sponsored trips abroad for the purchase of beauty equipment’s and products.

*The company now runs six departments, namely:

1, Cosmetology & Make Up training

2, Wellness products/Services

3, Spa and Skincare

4, General Cosmetics

5, Events/Studio Makeup

6, Organic Cosmetics

*With the expansion, we have gained several recognitions, e.g

We featured on Channels TV program on ‚Focus on Health’; we were interviewed on our operations on Wellness.
We’ve been selected as a member of a Cosmetology moderating team in West Africa.
Our families and friends have benefited immensely by this singular encounter with ACCION MFB. Long Live ACCION MFB.

I sincerely bless the name of my God for the favour that connected me with ACCION MFB and the Grace to stay connected.

Mehetabel E. Adzape

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