AFOS Foundation’s Board of Directors

Peter von Pokrzywnicki

Chairman of Board of Directors


  • financial IT contractor
  • cofounder of African BIB GmbH in Berlin and African BIB SARL in Cameroon
  • since 2011, Head of the Magdeburg Diocesan Group of the Confederation of Catholic Entrepreneurs


“My mission is healthy business practices;  that means also in the countries of Africa, that have become dear to my heart. A firm Christian faith is the best possible basis for this”.


Wolfgang Bönsch

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors


  • managing partner for many years in a printing firm and an advertising agency
  • from 1993 to 2005 office of economic assistance in the new German Länder
  • from 2006 to 2014 Head of Communications and Projects at Opportunity International

“When threatened with hunger and poverty, the only option many people in developing countries have, is flight and migration. They leave their families and risk their lives. If they are to be given a chance of a worthwhile life in their home country, an economic basis must be established, that offers the whole of the population an adequate income. That’s what I’m working for as a Board of Directors member of AFOS Foundation”.


Hans-Joachim Maurer

Member of the Board of Directors / Executive Director


  • worked for US State Department, then Commerce Department at US Embassy in Bonn
  • from 1989 to 2015 Executive Director of German Foreign Chambers of Trade (AHKn) in Atlanta, Ga./ USA, Helsinki / Finland and Brussels (Belgium) & Luxembourg
  • since November 2015 Member of AFOS Foundation Board of Directors / Executive Director

“With its projects, AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation help people to help themselves. Taking Christian social ethics as a guide, the foundation’s projects aim at enabling people in Subsaharan Africa and South-East Asia to build a sustainably stable economic existence. With your support and that of the BMZ, we can give people a future in their home countries”.


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