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September 2020 – September 2023

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With our AEDUAL project, we worked in partnership with the Mexican associations COPARMEX Querétaro and León as well as Industriales Jalisco (CCIJ) on the introduction of a high-quality dual vocational education and training system. The aim was to sustainably improve the employability of young people and to strengthen the competitiveness of companies.

Here’s what we’ve achieved:

  • 612 training companies now offer dual training opportunities.
  • 2010 Students started their dual university education.
  • In each state of the Central Bajio West region, an Entrepreneurial Council for Dual Education has been established. These committees work systematically and documented in four working groups per Council: (1) Market Analysis and Growth, (2) Quality, (3) Universities, (4) Economics.
  • Comprehensive minimum standards and guidelines for dual training programs have been developed in each state, taking into account both national and regional legislation and structure.
  • AEDual has initiated the development and implementation of a fully online, modular platform for dual training .
  • A business intelligence platform has been created to capture and document the demand for higher education and dual training of companies in real time.

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