What we do

Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation

We promote Entrepreneurship on three Continents

Together with the state and civil society, companies make an essential contribution to solving the great challenges of our time. Without the participation of economic actors such as companies, chambers and associations, the achievement of the 2030 Agenda is not possible.

With more than 20 years of experience in successful project implementation in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we know that entrepreneurship creates value, income and jobs.

By pooling strengths, we advocate – together with committed companies, associations and public sector actors – for independent and responsible entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial development cooperation of the AFOS Foundation on three continents
Entrepreneurial development cooperation in Africa
Entrepreneurial development cooperation and sustainable management

The AFOS Strategy for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Together with entrepreneurs in our partner countries, we work to develop potential by creating training and further education opportunities .

  • We support the establishment of structures that enable sustainable economic activity and open up economic perspectives
  • We build strategic partnerships with companies, entrepreneurial organizations and educational institutions in Germany and in our project countries
  • As AFOS, we make a valuable contribution to the discussion on the role of companies in development cooperation.
  • We operate at several levels (companies-associations-public sector)

Prospects for local young People

Our target group are youths and young adults, especially women, often from economically neglected regions with high unemployment. Vocational training and qualification support them in increasing their chances of finding permanent employment . With their skills, they strengthen the companies in which they work. We also encourage the development of ideas, the step into self-employment and thus the establishment of your own companies.

AFOS Philippines 2017
Entrepreneurial development cooperation - sustainable training and employment
Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation - Study and Information Programmes

We share Expertise and mobilize Networks

We support responsible small businesses and emerging small and medium-sized enterprises as well as chambers and associations in our partner countries by providing expertise.

  • We advise them on their way to responsible entrepreneurship for a sustainable world
  • We share our broad know-how in the field of (dual) vocational and continuing education
  • We promote access to microcredit and financial services
  • We strengthen the self-organization as well as the political representation of our partners
  • We train and advise on sustainable product development, marketing and quality assurance as well as other company-relevant topics

In addition, we support the work abroad with study and information programs for entrepreneurs from our partner countries. We organize conferences and training measures on the subject of entrepreneurial development cooperation.

Further information on the potential of development partnerships with the private sector, chambers and associations can be found on the project pages of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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