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The AFOS Foundation

Leading the Way in Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation

As the AFOS Foundation, we promote entrepreneurial initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America in order to establish a fertile environment for socially responsible and qualified employment in the long term. In this way, we sustainably improve living conditions in our partner countries. Through professional advice and the mobilization of networks, we work together with committed companies and local partners. Together, we promote independent and responsible entrepreneurship. Beyond that, long-standing personal relationships with our partner countries form the basis for our successful work.

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More than 20 Years of Experience

As the AFOS Foundation, we have been supporting entrepreneurial initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 2003. However, the people behind AFOS recognized the great potential offered by the targeted promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises much earlier.

Our Prelude: The Initiative “Africa Fund for Self-Employment”

Innovative members of the Federation of Catholic Entrepreneurs (BKU) launched the initiativeAfrika Fonds für Selbständigkeit“ (Africa Fund for Self-Employment) in the 1990s – hence the name AFOS.

They shared the vision that micro and small enterprises can also make a significant contribution to the economic and social development of a country. However, they often lacked the opportunity for market access and corresponding financial services. At the political level, for example, the initiative advocated microfinance services in development cooperation. Facilitating access to small loans and improving the legal framework for private-sector microfinance investments were therefore our first priorities.

The AFOS Foundation Zimbabwe certification for the export market
The AFOS Foundation in the BKU Journal
Excerpt from BKU Journal 2003

Strengthening Micro-Enterprises through own Resources

From the very beginning, we focused on strengthening our target groups in the belief that they can successfully master even difficult situations and challenges on their own. Even before the official founding of AFOS, DM 700,000 flowed from its own circles to support micro-enterprises. Long-standing personal relationships with the partner countries facilitated the promotion of business activities through small loans.

The AFOS Foundation today

AFOS today – an established Partner in Development Cooperation

Since 2003, we have been involved in development cooperation as an independent foundation. Today, our topics are just as diverse as the challenges: job creation and formalisation, the Training and qualification of young people with a focus on women, sustainable management in harmony with nature and its limited resources, dealing with the consequences of climate change and ultimately avoiding the causes of migration and flight.

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AFOS Philippines at work

More than ever, we are convinced that independent and responsible entrepreneurship has the potential to contribute to addressing these complex challenges. AFOS supports local people in taking the initiative themselves to build a dignified life. For themselves and their families, but also for others in the sense of the common good.

Financing our Project Work in Africa, Asia and Latin America

As an independent and non-profit foundation, we finance our activities through private donations and public grants. The main share is promoted through the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). sequa GmbH has been a proven partner in the management of most of our projects for many years.

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