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AFOS in Ghana: The DigiCAP Project

Opportunity Digitisation in Ghana

Qualifications for young people

The digiCAP project enables our partners to sustainably manage practice-oriented ICT qualification programmes and accompanying strategies to promote employment and entrepreneurship in Ghana. We are working with our partners, the University of Cape Coast and Accra Technical University, as well as with our industry partner, the Institute of ICT professionals Ghana (IIPGH), to expand opportunities for training and skills development. Here we focus on offers in the area of data science and business intelligence as well as training in entrepreneurship and career planning. These increase the chances of young graduates finding sustainable employment in the context of digitalisation in Ghana.

AFOS in Ghana: Tech Job Fair 2023
Tech Job Fair 2023 in Accra, Ghana
AFOS in Ghana

Lack of development opportunities for young people

Ghana was once a pioneer in the African telecommunications sector and prides itself on its high economic growth. However, information and communication technologies (ICT) have not been fully integrated into daily life and business operations. Mobile phone penetration was already at 100 per cent in 2011, but the share of internet users remains low.

The informal labour sector is booming with precarious employment, including in micro and small enterprises. Potentials are mostly not exploited and there is a lack of competitiveness, secure and productive employment opportunities. Young adults, especially women, who are severely disadvantaged in the Ghanaian labour market, lack opportunities for development and prospects. This is where we, the AFOS Foundation, contribute our expertise.

Secure employment by exploiting the potential of digitalisation

The Ghanaian government is relying on the diverse potential that can unfold through digitalization . There is a great need for professional and entrepreneurial competences as well as qualified personnel who can support companies in the challenges of digitalisation.

AFOS supports the development of practice-oriented qualification programmes and accompanying measures in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). Young people, especially in rural regions, should benefit from the digital transformation of universities and other educational and economic institutions in Ghana.

Entrepreneur Forum 2023 Ghana
Entrepreneur Forum 2023 Ghana

What we have already achieved

  • Extracurricular ICT for companies
  • Establishment of qualification programmes at the two partner universities, where more than 450 students and lecturers have already been trained
  • A new computer networking training module and a new master’s degree in data science and business intelligence have been developed at the University of Cape Coast
  • A training course in data science was launched for the Ghana Statistical Service ; 120 employees are being trained at the Accra University of Technology
  • Career services are now available at the two partner universities and more than 700 students have benefited from the career preparation modules
  • Networking events contribute to cooperation between science and industry in Ghana
  • Over 3000 participants took part in the 2022 and 2023 Tech Job Fairs, which brought together stakeholders from industry, educators, students, government agencies and job seekers
  • A junior consultant programme for young emerging ICT professionals was piloted with 30 DigiCAP students and graduates

How AFOS is specifically committed to the digitization of companies in Ghana:

  • We are creating demand- and practice-oriented IT certification training that also gives students from disadvantaged groups a professional perspective.
  • We create offers around career planning and job placement and support start-ups to promote the employment of ICT professionals and inspire entrepreneurship
  • We focus on expanding cooperation between educational and business institutions and ICT stakeholders to improve the market positioning of companies in Ghana.

AFOS partner organisations in Ghana

In Ghana, we work closely with the Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH). IIPGH is a professional association made up of professionals from various fields of information and communication technology (ICT) to create a dynamic ICT ecosystem in Ghana. In addition, we cooperate with the Accra Technical University and the University of Cape Coast.

Ghanaian students on the road to success

Obtaining an ICT certificate opens up new opportunities on the job market.


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