Agricultural Training Centre in Nigeria

Against the backdrop of economic challenges in Nigeria, AFOS is implementing measures to promote sustainable agricultural growth, including the recent establishment of the Agricultural Training Center (ATC).

Nigeria, as Africa’s largest economy with over 226 million people, is facing one of the worst economic crises in its history, which has led to a drastic increase in the cost of living. Despite its abundance of natural resources, about 18.6 million people in Nigeria suffer from food insecurity. This number could rise to 26.5 million by 2024 if immediate action is not taken. It is therefore imperative that Nigeria receives the much-needed support to counter this crisis, which is having a devastating impact on the lives of its citizens and undermining the nation’s potential for growth and development.

AFOS’ projects in Nigeria aim to address the current challenges by strengthening the agricultural sector and promoting digital agriculture. By building capacity in the agricultural sector, local agricultural value chains will be optimised and the efficiency of the agricultural industry will be increased. In addition, AFOS is working to improve the performance and outreach of the microfinance sector by introducing new dual vocational training programs, conducting training, and providing technical support for accelerated lending for agricultural purposes. AFOS cooperates closely with key stakeholders through interactive multi-stakeholder platforms to ensure effective coordination of agricultural value chains.

Our mission to promote sustainable agricultural growth in Nigeria has led to the creation of the Agricultural Training Centre (ATC). The ATC is a physical training center that offers comprehensive best practice engineering and management programs across the agribusiness value chain to meet the needs for agricultural production. The initiative for the ATC was first launched in 2019 and served as a roadmap for sustainable capacity development in the agricultural industry. After five years of intensive project work, the ATC is now successfully established with the support of our development partners from the agricultural industry.

The completion of the Agricultural Training Centers building marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower agripreneurs and promote inclusive and resilient economic growth in Nigeria. The ATC is a fully operational, state-of-the-art training facility that offers both physical and virtual training. With the addition of TVET, agricultural finance and management training to the course schedule, we are taking an important step. This facility is part of TGI Group’s dedicated partner contribution.

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